Weekly Connected and Autonomous Vehicle News


Connected and Autonomous Vehicles:

☹ Apple Lays off 614 Workers After Ditching Self-Driving Car Project.

🚘 New York City to Allow Driverless Car Tests. “City officials said that they would begin to permit operators to test drive autonomous autos on New York City streets.”

🚗 Waymo Self-Driving Cars Are Delivering Uber Eats Orders for First Time. “Uber Eats customers may now receive orders delivered by one of Waymo‘s self-driving cars for the first time in the Phoenix metropolitan area.”

👍 Waymo Begins Testing Self-Driving Cars in DC. “D.C. residents may have already seen the company’s vehicles – all-electric Jaguar I-Pace sedans outfitted with sensing equipment on the exterior of the vehicle – driving around the city.”

🤔 How Automakers Can Address Resistance to Self-Driving Cars. “Our new research, published in the Journal of the Association of Consumer Research, reveals a bias impeding the embrace of automated vehicles: human egotism.”


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