Not Everyone Likes Waymo’s Arizona Testing

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While Waymo’s self-driving cars are getting a little heat from residents in Arizona, at least one industry expert says everyone hates other drivers, including autonomous vehicles.

Alain Kornhauser, Princeton professor and director of the school’s transportation department, said that “others and non-users” will never like autonomous vehicles.  “Just this morning I honked at the driver in front of me who passed up a gap to make an unprotected left turn.  I had to wait for a whole cycle!” he said. “I hate every car that drives on Cleveland Lane in front of my house.  I want that street all for myself.   I hate buses.  I hate trucks.

“I hate everything and everyone but me.  This is just human nature.  Little respect for others.  Heck, I’m the only good driver out there. The innuendos are not surprising.  We’ll just have to grin and bear them as we do with all of the conventional cars running around out there.”

Kornhauser says that this small segment of testing in Chandler, Ariz., brings up a more serious note.  “It demonstrates that we may need regulation/legislation that explicitly protects the rights of driverless cars to share the public road infrastructure,” he said.  “We do this for bicycles, motorcycles and in a way even for trucks and buses.”



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