TomTom Traffic Data Powers New PTV Group Automated Transport Modeling Solution


TomTom [TOM2] has announced it is integrating its traffic data with PTV Group’s automated transport modeling solution, PTV Model2Go.  The deal allows PTV Group to leverage TomTom’s origin and destination (O/D) traffic data to reduce the time it takes to model transportation patterns in cities or regions, the company said.

By combining TomTom’s traffic data, PTV Model2Go will analyze millions of trips, to include preferred routes and most-driven streets, the company said.  The target customer will be users that include transportation administration, industry and research.

Traffic Volumes in Atlanta (Image: TomTom).

“By analyzing millions of trips globally and anonymizing that information for analysis, TomTom’s data will open a broad array of research possibilities and enable transport planners and cities to make informed, accurate decisions about the way traffic flows,” said Mike Schoofs, TomTom’s CRO, in a statement.

The companies say that the cloud-based solution will delivers automated network and demand transportation models in as little as one week by leveraging data from more than 600 million connected devices.


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