Weekly Connected and Autonomous Vehicle News


Connected and Autonomous Vehicles:

🚗 Tesla CEO Musk Visits China. “Tesla CEO Elon Musk met with a top government leader in the Chinese capital Sunday, just as the nation’s carmakers are showing off their latest electric vehicle models at the Beijing auto show.”

🚍 ​​​​​​​Aurora Trucks Without Drivers Reach Highway Speeds on Test Track. “Testing reached 75 mph at a facility in Ohio, the company told Trucking Dive.”

🤔 A Wrestling Match Over Who Should Control Robotaxis Is Playing Out in California“The state could set the standard for autonomous vehicle regulation, but in the process could push away CruiseWaymoZoox and others.

🤞 Hyundai Motor, Kia Corp Sign Agreement With China’s Baidu on Connected Car Technology.

😧 Elon Musk’s Tesla Robotaxi Predictions Were All Wrong“‘The fleet wakes up with an over-the-air update,’” [ElonMusk said. ‘That’s all it takes.’ That’s proven to be a vast understatement of how difficult it is to develop self-driving technology. And it wasn’t Musk’s only comment trivializing the task.”


😮 HUR Operatives Destroy $100K Russian Anti-Drone Radar With Attack Drone“Revealed footage shows a “No GPS” signal (because radar was actively fighting it) right before Ukrainian attack drone hits its target.”


✔ Aptiv Reports First Quarter 2024 Financial Results.


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