Hangar and Vapor IO to Deliver Autonomous Robotics at the Kinetic Edge


Edge computing company Vapor IO and Hangar announced the rollout of Hangar’s Autonomous Robotics for Industry on top of Vapor IO’s Kinetic Edge platform, the companies said.

The system includes Hangar’s Robotics-as-a-System (RaaS) platform running on Vapor IO’s Kinetic Edge, deployed to Project Volutus edge locations. Hangar’s RaaS platform uses Vapor IO’s Kinetic Edge sites for safe navigation, connectivity, situational and airspace awareness, drone storage, drone recharging, high-speed data ingest and low latency processing, the company said.

“Combining Hangar’s technology with Vapor IO’s Kinetic Edge will create a nationwide footprint for completely autonomous drone missions, paving the way to deliver critical infrastructure for all types autonomous vehicles, not just drones, but also cars and trucks,” said Jeff DeCoux, founder and CEO of Hangar. “As these robotics go to work, they will depend on low-latency services at the edge, including precision navigation, micro-climate decision support, and high speed ingest of data to assure safe and secure deployment. We have been working with Vapor IO for over a year and are confident that the Kinetic Edge will meet these needs now and into the future.”



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