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HERE Integrates HD Live Map in BMW’s 7 Series’ Personal Pilot, Partners With Techjockey.com

HERE Technologies has announced that its HERE HD Live Map, based on UniMap, is now onboard BMW’s new 7 Series with BMW Personal Pilot Level 3 automated driving function. Personal Pilot allows drivers to take their hands off the wheel and eyes off the road under certain conditions, the company said.  BMW will introduce the function starting in Germany in March 2024.

HERE integrates Live Map with BMW’s 7 Series’ Personal Pilot (Image: HERE).

The HERE HD Live Map provides safety data to the vehicle system for tasks such as localization, prediction and path planning, working in combination with various vehicle sensors, the company said.  BMW also utilizes HERE HD map data to define the operational design domain (ODD), the company said.

In other HERE news, Techjockey.com will give its business users access to HERE map data and location services.  Techjockey.com is an online marketplace for IT solutions that allows buyers to choose, compare, and buy technology for their business, the company said.

Contact:  Jordan Stark, (312) 316-4537, Jordan.stark@here.com, www.here.com.

U.S. DoT Announces $25 Million Rural Autonomous Vehicle Research Program

The U.S. Department of Transportation has announced a $25 million funding opportunity for its Rural Autonomous Vehicle research program.  Accredited universities are eligible to apply for this competitive, six-year cooperative agreement program. Recipients will use RAV program funding to conduct research regarding the benefits and responsible application of automated vehicles and associated mobility technologies in rural and Tribal communities, the agency said.  One $15 million award will focus on passenger transportation, and a separate $10 million award will focus on movement of freight to support and enable automated freight and delivery vehicles serving rural areas.

Contact:  U. S. DOT Rural Autonomous Vehicle Programwww.transportation.gov/policy/ost-r/rdtrav.

Trimble Integrates GNSS Receivers Into Sabanto Autonomy Solutions

Trimble TRMB -0.56%↓ and Sabanto have announced the integration of Trimble’s BX992 Dual Antenna GNSS receivers and CenterPoint RTX into Sabanto’s autonomy solutions. Trimble will act as Sabanto’s key autonomous technology provider, delivering positioning to its fleet, the company said.

Trimble to Provide Advanced Positioning Systems to Sabanto for Enhanced Autonomous Tractor Performance (Photo: Trimble).

Leveraging Trimble’s BX992 GNSS receiver and CenterPoint RTX corrections service, Sabanto’s autonomy solutions can now receive centimeter-level L-Band corrections nearly anywhere in the world, the company said.  In addition to RTX corrections, Trimble will offer correction stream-switching to enable farmers to switch from IP to satellite seamlessly, the company said.

Contact:  Trimblewww.trimble.com.


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