Weekly Connected and Autonomous Vehicle News


Connected and Autonomous Vehicles:

🚩 Biden Administration Investigating Chinese-Made ‘Smart Cars’ for National Security Risks“The U.S. Commerce Department will investigate the risks associated with connected cars that incorporate technology from China and other “countries of concern” and consider potential regulations, the White House said.”

🚘 California Approves Waymo Robotaxi Services in LA, SF Neighboring Cities. “California regulator has approved a proposal from Alphabet‘s GOOG 0.61%↑ Waymo to expand its fared, completely driverless robotaxi services to Los Angeles and some cities near San Francisco.”

😕 RIP Apple Car. This Is Why It Died“Any tech company moving into the auto space needs a manufacturing partner. But Apple’s EV died as it lived: alone.”

🙁 Is Ford Hijacking Your Connected Vehicle’s Data? “All automakers try to monetize data, but some are punishing owners for attempting the same by cutting off connected services.”

🚙 Waymo Launches Driverless Rides for Employees in Austin. “The company announced Tuesday that it will begin shuttling employees around 43 square miles of the Texas capital, including the Barton Hills, Riverside, East Austin and Hyde Park neighborhoods, as well as downtown Austin.”

😦 Let’s Not Wait Until More People Die: Texas Attorney Amy Witherite Urges Caution Amid Driverless Truck Rollout.


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